A Most Curious Wedding Fair / 2015

So sometimes when I’m not taking photographs I’m organising things! This year one of those things was a wedding fair, but not just any old wedding fair A Most Curious Wedding Fair. THE wedding fair for the style savvy couple!

I always think it’s important to jump out of your comfort zone every so often and this is what it was all about for me. I co-organised the fair with the fantastically talented Becky Hoh-Hale, it took months and months of planning, some sleepless nights, lots of coffee but it was all worth it. I got to hone my radio skills (I was one the radio twice!), meet and worked with some super lovely, creative and skilled people and have a lot of fun. What a combo!

For me once the all important wedding ceremony is finished the occasion is all about celebrating and encompassing who you are and what you’ll be as a couple. People tend to only marry once so who knows how to do it, that’s why wedding fairs are so important. Becky and I wanted to make Most Curious jam packed full of wedding suppliers that were brimming with talent, unique ideas and were going to help make your wedding all about you and one of a kind.

The photos you are about to see are by Cat Robson, Seahaze Photography, Cat has often second shot for me at a number of my weddings and is super talented.

This is my stand!

The cat walk was styled by Abi Gray, the super gorgeous dresses seen above are by Velvet Johnson 

Amy is modelling an animal head made by Sara Lowes

The catwalk was styled by The Little Lending Company, Betina Bianculli and Rebecca Hoh-Hale.