Adam and Clare’s Valentines Day Wedding, Cley Windmill, Norfolk

Back in February last year I joined Katherine Ashdown for a special, intimate Valentines Day wedding at Cley Windmill. Getting ready in the cottages that sit next to the windmill the family of 16 had run of the place. In my eyes it’s the perfect venue. It has character, beauty, it’s surrounded by stunning Norfolk countryside and you can book the whole place all to yourself. It is just the sort of venue I would book if I were to get married and if I didn’t have such a large family!

Kathy arranged for Adam and Clare to meet before the wedding ceremony, this is a new trend called a ‘First Look’, it’s really sweet. The bride walks up behind the groom, who has his back to her and surprises him. It’s a lovely moment that creates wonderful reactions and photographs. It enables the couple to have time to themselves before their busy wedding day begins and everyone wants to congratulate and talk to them. On this occasion it worked so well. Clare walked up behind Adam who had been waiting patiently. Kathy and I had positioned ourselves to be able to capture the approach from different angles and the first time they set eyes on one another in their wedding attire.

The ceremony was held within the sitting room of the windmill, a circular room with small windows made it snug and cosy. Guests sat around the edge of the room on sofas and armchairs  with the best vantage point to enjoy the service, they really must have felt part of it.