I Love Details I Family Photography

Sometimes it is the shots that capture the details that can say the most about the person. When I shoot family photography session I like to record the child, family member from all different angles with some of them looking directly in to the lens and others times when they are least suspecting.

I watch my nieces and nephews grow up and it amazes me how quickly they change both in appearance and in temperament. I cherish the photographs that describe their being, their essence in that moment in time of being the sticky, cheeky, muddy child they are. Whether it’s a shot of their tiny hand, which when they’re 20 you won’t be able to believe ever belonged to them, or the longest eyelashes next to the cutest button nose. For me, it’s these family photographs that help build the story about the person that, when placed next to an image of them running through leaves describes them best.