Norwich Halloween / 2015

Every year my step-sister throws a fantastic Halloween party in Norwich for all the children in our family. It’s one of the highlights of my year because I get the chance to be a child again!

For the last three years I have taken my camera as we head out to ‘Trick or Treat’ the neighbourhood. It’s the perfect opportunity for creative photography and capture the funny, sweet and entertaining moments that characterise childhood. I love looking back over the Halloween photographs I have taken over the years and seeing how much the children have grown and changed. They have become so much bolder when scaring people and getting into character.

The unspoken rule in the neighbourhood is to only knock on the houses which have a glowing pumpkin outside. I like this rule because no-one is approached unless they want to take part and enjoy receiving a gaggle of miniature folk covered in blood curdling face-paint at their door.

This year’s Trick and Treating didn’t go without incident. Otto, our little skeleton, tripped en route to a haunted house and hurt his finger. Luckily his ghostly mum was nearby for a little hug before he got back on the road, treat bucket in hand.

Before we set out to spook the streets this year we had a quick game of doughnut bobbing! You dangle doughnuts, ideally iced for super stickiness, from a pole. The vampires, skeletons and cats tried to eat the tantalising treats without using their hands! It’s harder than it looks!

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Jo Hearn -

Brilliant photographs – really captured the spookiness and terrifying fun.

Andrew Hearn -

Awesome as usual!

Rachel Avent -

Awesome spooky photos x

Mari Darlison -

Really atmospheric! A really fun night and great photos Beth.

Magnus Wills -

nice one Beth Moseley