Photography Products & Accessories


I only supply the best products that meet my high standards. Folio Albums are handmade, hand bound and encased in fine, natural leather.

15 pages, (30 sides) albums start from:  12″ x 12″ = £490  /  10″ x 10″ = £395  /  8″ x 8″ = £350  /  6″ x 6″ = £240

Receive 5% of your second, third and forth album.

Other things you should know about Folio Albums:

* Made in Britain

* They use recycled paper or brought from sustainable sources

* Environmentally friendly packaging is used to protect your album

* The pigment based printing process uses less toxic chemicals than traditional photographic prints and there is less waste

* Folio Albums use fine art, archival quality papers and inks so your albums will last a life time

* The glue used is acid free, non toxic and does not yellow over time

Framed Picture Montages

I believe it is vital that your photographs are printed to the upmost quality using the finest materials. I would happily facilitate the printing and framing of your photographs using professional photography printing labs.  I offer a number of framed and unframed products, however if you don’t see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch as I will be happy to help design something to match your requirements.

Square, multi image montage, 16″ x 16″, framed: £260 + P&P

Portrait,  two image montage, 16″x12″, framed: £170 + P&P / Square, multi image montage, 16″x16″, framed: £260 + P&P

Landscape, three image montage, 12″x16″, framed” £170 + P&P

Beth Moseley Photography Photography_ Framed Products_0004

Rectangular mosaic box frame, 16″x12″ (x1), 8″x6″ (x4): £250 + P&P / Square mosaic box frame, 10″x10″ (x1), 7″x7″ (x4): £225 + P&P

 Signing boards

Your image will be mounted onto heavy board and surrounded with a wide writing mount.

There are many options to choose between, from just the unframed board without an image to the complete printed and framed product.

24″ x 20″ frame (landscape or portrait), 15″ x 10″ image, £225

20″ x 20″ frame, 10″ x 10″ image, £215

Guest book / engagement books

A lovely memento to show off your engagement photos.

A4, hardbacked guest signing books start from £150 + P&P

Beth Moseley Photography Guest Book_0003



Perfect as ‘thank you’ or ‘save the date’ cards

50, A6 gloss cards = £90

100, A6 gloss cards = £150