I decided to bring back my Doorstep Mini Sessions and I am so glad I did!

This idea first came to me during lockdown when the world paused and we had to stay distant from our loved ones. Life during lockdown was a challenging time for everyone. Being disconnected, isolated, together all the time was unfathomable.

I decided to run a series of doorstep family portrait sessions as a way to capture such a strange moment in time and connect with people when I felt so unconnected. I'd cycle from house to house standing at a distance, taking portraits, finding out how everyone was doing and recording the moment.

I wanted to to capture the essence of life in that period. I encouraged families to bring out and stand by symbols of what they had been spending their time on. Whether a sourdough loaf, a painted rainbow in the window or a sign that praised our wonderful NHS.

2021/ Taken during lockdown

My doorstep mini sessions were a big hit, capturing the essence of lockdown life and preserving cherished memories despite the uncertainty.

Earlier this year I thought it would be fun to revive these sessions, celebrating how a simple family portrait with your home as the backdrop can create such special memories. If your family is anything like mine (and this is from a photographer!), a straightforward family photo can sometimes be the only thing everyone agrees to.

Thanks to the success of my June Doorstep Mini Sessions, I’m excited to bring them back this September.

Here are a few reasons why you and your family might want to get involved:

Affordable family photoshoots

These Doorstep Mini Sessions offer one of the most affordable ways for families to work with me. Priced at just £75 for 3 high-res images, you can choose to purchase more if you wish, and it’s still more economical than a full family photography package.

Convenient and Time-Saving

As a mother, I understand the challenge of keeping little ones entertained. A family photoshoot might not be at the top of their fun list, which is why these 20-minute sessions are perfect! They’re short and sweet, just enough to engage the kids before they get bored. Plus, with busy family schedules, taking a few hours for a photoshoot might not be feasible. Having me come to your home for a short while is ideal and gives you the opportunity to update your family photos without disrupting your day.

More Than Just a Doorstep

One of the things I love most about the Doorstep Mini Sessions is how each house and doorstep uniquely represents your family. Your home is a significant part of your family’s story, from new babies being born to first days at school. It’s the perfect place to be photographed, capturing where you are in your family life.

Variety in a Short Time

You might be surprised at how much we can capture in just 20 minutes! Even in these mini-sessions, we can take a variety of images. You choose which parts of your home to include, and we’ll make it happen.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to capture the essence of your family professionally, these mini-sessions are for you!

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