There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your brand photography used publicly. As a photographer, witnessing my images displayed on billboards, on social media or featured in marketing campaigns is so rewarding.

I remember walking past a billboard noticing my photos from a local event showcased as part of an advertisement. It was lovely to see my passion and work highlighted for everyone to see!

Clients approach me for various brand photography projects, most commonly for website photography, marketing materials, and social media content. I love seeing my photos pop up on clients feeds and seeing how they have used my photos and which images they select.

If you’re considering investing in brand photography but can’t quite envision how to use the images, here are some examples of how my previous clients have showcased their photos:

Charlotte Courtenay

Charlotte is a psychologist dedicated to advocating for holistic self-care, emphasising the importance of nurturing both physical and mental well-being. 

She needed images for her website and social media platforms that encapsulated her mission. Together, we created visuals that conveyed the full spectrum of her values and ethos.

Sally Nencini

Sally Nencini is an incredible textile designer based in Norwich, known for her knitted animal toys!

She wanted to use storytelling to promote her products. We crafted a delightful setup with children interacting with her creations, bringing her products to life through genuine, playful moments.


Founded by Jo and Alison Birdsoup is an organisation for change. They will take a detailed look at your business to identify the issues at play, and crucially, facilitate a plan to fix them.

Jo and Alison asked for images of them at work, doing their thing for their website and social media. Using friends to act as their 'clients' we pulled together a series of scenes that demonstrated their warmth and how they like to work.

Lottie Day

Lottie is a textile designer specialising in screen-printed products for home interiors. She approached me to showcase her new designs on her website and social media pages. 

Since Lottie’s products are meant for home interiors, we ensured the backdrop of the shoot was warm and inviting, allowing customers to envision these beautiful items in their own homes. I photographed a mix of still life product shots and style set ups showcasing her products in context.

While stock images or iPhone photos can suffice, they will very often fail to convey the professionalism and unique story of your business! Brand photography is about building a compelling narrative of your business and the people behind it. Whether you run a product-based or service-based business, professional images are crucial to highlight your brand and show customers that you’re serious and trustworthy.

I feel incredibly grateful each time I see my work displayed, knowing that my clients trusted me to transform their business and enhance their image. 

If you’d like help with brand photography and believe I could be the photographer to make your business stand out, please get in touch!

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