About Beth

Capturing beautiful portraits and adorable moments for awesome individuals.

My style: Whether it’s couples, families or individual shots, my favourite clients have an appetite for something a bit different.  I do natural, relaxed, reportage photography. Authentically documenting your day as it unfolds. Something that stands out from all the other wedding photographs that I would be proud to have on my wall myself.

I love the golden hour, playing with shadows and light and colour. A big part of my job is looking for the perfect location for a photograph, the cute doorway, the amazing stairwell, the floor tiles that you’d never spotted before.

My favourite things: my noble ginger cat, he’s called The Duke of Lincolnshire, craft beer, riding my bike, wild swimming, BBQs, any food that comes in miniature. And, of course, photography – it’s the creative challenge of capturing the essence of a scene that I really love. And the connections you make with the people in the frame.

How I got here: I’ve worked as a photographer since 2010 but the passion goes back much further. As a teenager at parties I’d always end up with my old Olympus OM10 and a make shift backdrop making my tipsy friends look unfeasibly glamorous. A camera can create great moments between people as well as capture them. When I moved to New York in 1999 I’d take my Canon 300d out taking portraits of strangers in the new city. I loved these interactions and realised photography was my calling. So I came back to learn my trade by getting a photography degree at Nottingham Trent University (first class thank you very much!). I moved to London to work in a job where I taught photography to people with mental health issues, adults and teenagers, then worked as an exhibition curator. When it came to wedding photography, it was the people who brought me into it. My friends all started to get married and, well, just try being the working photographer in your group and not end up being the one behind the lens! It’s this I’ve loved the most. The interactions with the people I photograph and the moments I get to share with them have made me love what I do.