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As a small business owner myself, I get it: we spend so much time working on our craft for others that we don’t always take a moment to share the story of what we’ve built. So when we do find those moments to let others in, you want to make sure you do it with as much character and colour as possible.

Brand photography, whether that’s you with your product, or your people is a surefire way of communicating your story authentically. It’s an investment that grows business, boosts confidence (for both you and your potential customers) and gives an opportunity for people to engage with you.

I come back to that word ‘authentic’ again, because I think that’s what us consumers are looking for. People buy from people, whether you are a one-person team or a small/medium sized business, and personally, it’s something I love to see. My work with families has given me a way of eliciting personality from every business, by seeking out connection and character.




Brand photography is not just a headshot (although a great personal portrait is a fantastic way of introducing yourself with confidence) – it should tell your story, give you material to market your message and share a little of the people behind the brand.


We’ve all felt the pressure of sharing content, content, content! If you have struggled with content creation, a brand photography shoot will give you plenty of material to convey your key messages across social media, your website and other marketing materials.


Yes, brand photography is an investment with a typically great return! My clients will tell you that presenting their product or service in its best light is key for business growth.


You are not your product or service; building your own personal brand is simply about giving your unique approach as a business owner a platform, and I’ll capture the images that help share it with honesty.


Have you struggled to find the perfect stock image to convey your brand? It takes so long because nothing feels quite like you. Having a bountiful folder of images that represent you authentically will save so much precious time.


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What you can expect from a brand photography session with me

Whether I’m working with individuals or teams, my approach is much the same. It comes from hearing your story and understanding how you’re going to get the best value from a shoot. We can discuss locations – either in, or outside of your natural working environment – wherever you’ll best be able to convey the uniqueness of your brand.

Where product is involved, I can deliver contextual images of people working with, or enjoying your brand. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing how products actually fit into real life.

You’ll enjoy a set of images that you’ll love to keep diving back into, but if you think you’re going to benefit from fresh content throughout the year, my multi-session packages might be a great way of securing regular photography sessions at a discount.



 We just knew straight away Beth was the right person to take my businesses branding shots. She took the time to get to know what was important to me and my business, wasn’t pushy at all just really friendly and professional.  She really put myself and my team at ease at the times we needed it the most. Beth had the balance just right on the day when it came to making sure she captured everything we had asked for. She really did go the extra mile to make sure nothing was forgotten and didn’t leave until she knew were where happy.

Running your own business is a labour of love. You put your heart and soul into it to make it a success. You are the one behind the business and brand which is why it is so important you have a stunning and authentic collection of brand photography that sing your personality and authenticity.


Personal brand photographs are not just about having a few images to add to your website and social media, it's so much more! They provide confidence and trust to your clients. You want to make sure they leave with confidence and a clear understanding of what you offer.


Really think about what you want to get from the shot. What would benefit your business the most, what are you missing from the photographs you currently have? Make time to talk with your brand photographer to ensure they know what message you're trying to convey and they understand your business brand.


To get the most out of your photos you want to make sure you get a wide range of personal brand photographs with a different 'look'. This sounds harder than it is. All you need to do is change your outfit and pick a couple of different locations as your backdrop. That way you'll get more mileage from your photographs.


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