Are you a small business looking to amp up your social media presence or give your website a refresh? With both social media and websites, the first thing a potential client will see before even reading your text will be your images. You need branding photographs that not only sing your brand, the product or service you're offering but also the quality you promise.

I've been photographing a number of branding shoots for a range of Norfolk businesses recently as they knew it was the right step for their business to increase their exposure. Professional images to match their professional brand.  Let me talk you through why a branding shoot is a great idea. 

Joseph Lobo, Aviva

It is so easy for business owners to forget about the importance of imagery and how it can elevate their brand.

Let’s start with what a branding shoot is - it is as simple as it sounds really! They are the perfect way to capture the people behind the brand and the brand values.

The reasons why a Branding Shoot is important are countless:

Never-ending Content

We all know the struggle of scrolling through the photo app on our phone trying to find a decent picture to post on your socials or website. Well, by having a branding shoot you are left with a
gallery full of personal images that can keep you going for months. This allows you the opportunity to be much more consistent with social media and grow your online presence. It will also save you a huge amount of time and energy and minimises the faff of quickly editing and stressing about what is best to post that day. 

Boosting Confidence

It is common for most people to wince at the thought of stepping in front of a camera and advertising yourself but this is where I come in. My favourite part of my job is chatting over the phone with my clients, pre-shoot and understanding them and what message they want to convey to their customers. I take the time to understand their brand ethos and listen carefully to how I can help them.

With all this information, I know exactly how to guide them during their shoot and make them feel as comfortable as I can. Most of my clients are often surprised by how relaxed they feel during their shoot and how much fun they have! A branding shoot is a perfect way to boost your confidence and give you the push to keep taking the next steps in your business.

Trust Building

Personal branding shoots are vital for building trust with your customers - I know that personally, I am much more inclined to purchase from a small business when I can see the kind, warm face behind the brand. Showing your face (as scary as it might seem) is going to make your brand seem real and inviting to customers rather than faceless. Ultimately, you’re the person behind the business so be proud of that and show them it’s you!

Brand Identity

When you’re scrolling through a website or social media platform, let’s be honest - you are more likely to be drawn to a photograph than you are words. A photo has much more of a lasting impression. A branding shoot gives you the opportunity to convey your identity, helping people understand your brand and having an impact on your customers.

So, have I managed to convince you that a branding shoot is what you need and isn’t as scary as you might think? 

I hope so!

If you are interested in spending the day with me as we transform your brand and most importantly, have fun - please contact me and let’s make it happen!

I promise you won’t regret it. 

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