Although family photo shoots may be slightly chaotic they always allow for the best memories! It is a great opportunity to capture family life and all the fun that goes with it. If you have been thinking about gathering your troops for a fun-filled day, let me help you prepare. With me and use my 5 top tips for a heartwarming family photo shoot - let's create some magic!

Parents, get involved!

Family photo shoots can be high-energy! Getting the special action-packed, laughter-filled, emotive shots requires input from parents as well as myself. I’ll be interacting and encouraging but I’ll need you to tickle, pull funny faces, jump on the bed with your kids, and roll around on the floor with them. You will be putting in work out but I can guarantee you'll have endless amounts of fun and it will make for a set of great, natural family photographs.

Make sure you have a treat waiting for you at home as it's not just the kids that will have earned reward! 

top tips for a heartwarming family photo shoot

Stay home or find a location for your family photo shoot?

I have years of experience photographing families and children of all ages so trust me when I say you are in safe hands!

I find a successful family photo shoot falls down to good planning. Finding the right location that makes you and your family feel comfortable is so important. However, the right location isn't just about taking you feel comfortable, it must also look great too, Maybe it is finding a location away from people so you have privacy or somewhere you have lots of happy memories such as the seaside or your favourite place for a family walk. Discuss together where you like to spend your time together as a family. Is it at home surrounded by the toys, games and books you love or outside enjoying nature?

two sisters and their mum playing in fancy dress top tips for a heartwarming family photo shoot

Props are welcome!

Sometimes having a prop to work with can ease everyone into being photographed and add all the energy! If you have a family dog - bring them! Dogs are a perfect way to add movement and make people feel relaxed. If you are at home, let’s play with your cat/hamster. All four-legged friends are welcome! 

If you're shooting outside how about some of your favourite blankets and throws that will only keep you warm and cosy but look great as a prop? Think about your children’s favourite toys and bring them along to keep them entertained and for me to get some action shots of them playing! This counts for any capes or tiaras lying around - get the children to dress up and I can guarantee they'll have the most fun and feel themselves.

What to wear on a photo shoot

It's helpful if you think about what you will be wearing at the photo shoot. You don't have to be all wearing the same colour pallet but I think it does help if your outfits complement each other. Avoid neon colours, big motifs and tops with words on it unless they mean something to you as they are really eye-catching. You're most welcome to change outfits halfway through, I find this gives a new look and feel to photos which I think you'd love and will give you a great range of photos when you come to see them.

mum and daughter hugging. top tips for a heartwarming family photo shoot

Try not to think about the camera!

Yes, this can be tough, especially if being in front of the camera doesn't come naturally to you but that is where I come in. My job is to make you as comfortable as possible so that your family enjoy this special day. Think about it as just another day at home or another day at the beach - have some playtime, do some baking or read a story to your children. 

The time of day makes a huge difference due to children’s energy levels so that is something to consider when you book your photo shoot. Find a time when you feel your children are most up for having lots of fun and giggles. The goal is to enjoy yourselves and to look back on this day with fond memories and pictures that capture your beautiful family. 

I am here to make all of your family photoshoot dreams come true! Take my 5 top tips for a heartwarming family photo shoot and contact me to get started!

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