I've had a busy summer capturing working with a number of clients wishing to update their LinkedIn headshot. Joe Lobo approached me as he wanted to update his LinkedIn headshots for his LinkedIn profile.

Colourful natural LinkedIn Headshot

Why LinkedIn Headshots Important

Much like branding shoots, having a clean and friendly LinkedIn headshot can set you apart from your competition!

Personal LinkedIn headshots are much like the logo of your personal brand - they are the best way for an employer or client to get a glimpse of your personality before meeting or learning about you.
Think about who you are and what you want to represent - what type of impression do you want to leave on people because first impressions can be everything!

If you are interested in upgrading your own LinkedIn profile or any other platforms - contact me as I would love to help you capture the perfect headshot that matches you and your wonderful personality!

LinkedIn portraits

What makes you tick!?

It's important to me that I talk to my client in advance of the photo shoot. Joe and I chatted before our shoot to talk about how we would use our time together, taking the opportunity to get to know him and his personality. This is a really important part of the process for me as I like to talk through my client’s brand ethos and the kind of message they want to represent through their brand imagery.

What is the impression you want to project?

Joe explained to me that he wanted to capture a formal feel to the photos whilst still coming across as relaxed and friendly. It was important to Joe that we incorporate colour into the images. Colour is a big element to my style of photography and was one of the reasons why Joe booked me. He felt it was important to reflect his personality in these LinkedIn headshots and we decided to shoot in several locations to give Joe a variety of images to select from and rotate as his LinkedIn profile picture.

LinkedIn portraits

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