Why Have A First Look?

What is a First Look?

A ‘first look’ is when you surprise each other looking gorgeous in your wedding attire before the ceremony. One person is standing with their back to the other, they turn around and rejoice in seeing each other looking magnificent! This makes for a really beautiful moment between the couple, a parent or a significant person in your life, but also makes for emotional and very special photographs. 

For many people it’s really important that they see each other for the first time at on their wedding day when their eyes meet as the bride is walking down the aisle.

However for some people having a first look can help calm themselves before walking down the aisle.

I once photographed a couple who did not want to see or talk to each other in advance of the ceremony but, to help calm their nerves, asked to stand where they couldn’t see each other but could hold hands. This was a way of ‘say hi’ to each other, whilst still having their chance to have their first time seeing each other in their wedding dress / suits at the church alter.  

A First Look can be with a parent, your bridesmaids or someone super special to you!

I have also shot many first looks between the bride/groom and a parent, mostly a dad or step-dad but it could also be with your bridesmaids or someone super special to you. Often is it the brides mum that helps in choosing the wedding dress and putting in on in the morning and the dad has no idea what the bride will look like. I’ve very often found a wedding day to be as huge an occasion for the parents of the couple, as for the couple themselves. When the wedding dress or suit is put on is when things start getting real! Seeing your daughter in her dress or your son dressed up to the nines is a big moment which is a joy for me to capture and makes for special memories. 

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