Norwich Family Photo Shoot

Children are such a joy to work with and this set of siblings was no exception. I took them for their family photo shoot to what felt like a hidden spot of scrubland just on the edge of Norwich . The river Yare ran next to it and as long as it’s not wet and raining, you know there will be lots for children to do. I prefer family shoots to be outside in natural light, at a location that has several backdrops to use and lots to explore. This spot was just that kind of space.  There were trees to climb, feathers to collect, dens to construct, long grasses to run through and poke your brother with (!), fun for the models and fantastic material for the photographer!

I like kids to be kids, to get dirty, play and jump in puddles as I think this not only helps me capture natural expressions,  but it also adds energy and movement in to a photograph which I believe best shows that person’s character.

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