Important moments in life a family photographer can capture

As a photographer and parent (and someone with an awful memory!), I know how important family photography is in preserving our memories.

When a key event in our family lives happens, most people reach for their phones to take those important family photographs and I can be guilty of it too! The advantage of a mobile phone is it's always with us however the downfall can be that the quality of the images is never as good. I find the tonal range, the colours and the overall appearance is often lacking particularly when the images are printed up.  

I've put together a few instances I've made sure my professional hat is on in my family to make sure we have beautiful high quality images.

Children's Birthday Party

Imagine this scenario: it's your child's birthday and you want to capture every special moment of the day. Whether it's your child blowing out their candles or dancing around the living room to a game of musical statues, each moment is precious. Family milestones like these are the ideal time to hire a professional photographer, who can capture the magic of the moment while also allowing you to relax and enjoy the party without worrying about taking pictures.

You may have a relative who has volunteered to capture those precious moments on camera. While this may seem like a good idea, it has its drawbacks! The person behind the camera will always be absent from the photograph, leaving someone out of the family milestone memory. It is important that everyone feels included in these special moments so that when you look back at the photos in the future, everyone is present!

New parents with their newborn son

Hiring a family photographer for your family holiday

As a family photographer, there is nothing that brings me greater joy than being invited to capture the precious moments of a family holiday. Some of my fondest memories as a child involve playing in the sand and frolicking in the waves with my own family. 

Holiday getaways are a wonderful time for all members to unwind and bond while exploring new and exciting places together! Having the privilege of being located near a popular UK holiday destination, I have had the pleasure of documenting many families' cherished memories - from cosy moments in their holiday homes to exciting adventures at the beach or on a boat ride through the Norfolk Broads

Book a family photographers for Christening and Baptisms

Christenings and baptisms are significant family milestones that deserve to be documented in the best possible way!

These moments are incredibly precious in your child's life, and as parents, you play an important role in these occasions. To reduce the stress of capturing every single moment, I advise delegating the task to a professional with years of experience in photographing these moments. Like at a wedding it may be the first time in ages your family is altogether and you's like some group photographs. Our job as a professional photographer isn't just to know how to use a great camera but to also position and pose people for best composition. In my opinion, with events like these, it's best to leave the photography to the experts!

Family reunion group photograph

Family reunions

I absolutely adore family reunions - there's nothing quite like them! Every year, my huge family comes together for a camping trip, and it's always a highlight for me. One thing I always think about is how it's the perfect opportunity to take some professional family photographs. 

From beautiful group shots to candid moments of us having a blast roasting marshmallows around the campfire, canoeing down the river, and competing in our annual FamOlympics, there's so much to capture.

As we grow older and life gets busier, family reunions become more infrequent, which is all the more reason to preserve these memories by hiring a family photographer. Don't let another year go by wishing you had more photographs to look back on!

As a family photographer, my approach isn't just about capturing group shots - I strive to take as many natural and reportage-style photos as possible.


Whether it is the momentous celebration of your grandparents' golden wedding anniversary, or your son's 1st wedding anniversary, capturing these precious moments on camera is an absolute must. 

Anniversary parties are a time for celebration, where loved ones gather to dance and catch up. It's a special occasion that everyone wants to remember, so hiring a professional to capture the event is highly recommended. With my expertise, I will blend into the background, allowing you to enjoy the festivities while I capture all the love and joy on camera.

I hope this blog post has made you reflect on the role of family photography to capture important family milestones and encouraged you to book a photographer for your next family event!

These are the memories that we will look back on and relive with our loved ones, telling stories and sharing laughs. So, don't let these precious family milestones pass you by without capturing them in beautiful photographs that you and your loved ones can treasure forever.

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