You're thinking about booking a family photo shoot but hesitant as you're not sure everyone will play ball!?

It's hard, I get it! A family photo shoot is big investment and you don't know if your children are going to play along and be happy to be in front of a camera. The snot, the tantrums, the running away! As a mum, I understand the worries, and as a photographer, I've seen it all! 

This is why I have developed my style of relaxed, informal photography as I find that works beautifully for children. I find this helps reduce pressure for everyone whilst letting personalities shine out. By not asking children to sit still and pose instead of allowing them to be themselves we get the best photos I know you will cherish and want to display on the wall. 

What's your biggest worry when it comes to booking a family photo shoot
Comment below and let me know what's been stopping you! 
Put off from booking a family photo shoot?

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