It’s hard to be in front of the camera, I get it. Putting yourself out there for your business is one of those things that makes a huge difference to attracting your audience and also develop relationships with your clients. People buy from people. It’s something I’ve slightly struggled with but have been making a conscious effort to try harder at. I've recently booked in my own portrait shoot and family shoot to remind myself how it feels to be the other side of the camera.

For me it’s also a great reminder as to how it feels for my clients when they are being photographed. What they need from me and how I can use my experience to ensure the best locations are chosen and the right shot is taken. 

This photo was taken by my partner (thanks Stu). What you don’t see is my four year old dart off to chase a bird! So I also understand why a shoot needs to take place away from distraction. So you can focus and be in the moment. 

My job is to help you get most our of your branding / portrait shoot to ensure you have oodles of photos to select from and use. 

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