I'm home at the moment as we are isolating with Covid and although we all feel fine (thank you Scientists) it's been a reminder that my house and garden are such precious spaces. I have also started to tune in with where the light falls, the warm areas of the house, where my cat likes to sleep. As I was outside gardening yesterday, I noticed that it was still light at 4.30 pm! Oh boy, did that make me happy!  

I've done a number of my Family Essence shoots in clients homes recently, partly as their children were small and so they didn't want to be out in the cold but also as they wanted their home as the backdrop. Homes have always meant so much to people but I think even more so now. 

This is Rosanna and her beautiful family. Rosanna grew up in this house and now is bringing up her own family in it. These walls have witnessed many years of happy memories. 

Longer days for me personally mean more time outside, enjoying nature and less time in front of the TV! For me as a photographer, the longer days and brighter light enable me to play with light at different times of the day. I'm hoping for someone to book me for an early morning sunrise shoot. Tempted.....? 

New mother, baby and her son

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