Thinking about having a small wedding?

Micro wedding

What is a micro wedding?

Have you been seeing blogs about micro weddings and wondering how they differ from a regular wedding? A micro wedding often has less than 50 guests, a perfect number for immediate family and close friends. They have only started to grow in popularity in the last few years and I think they will be here to stay – which pleases me greatly. There will always be a place for large weddings with a huge party, but the choices have now opened up for brides and grooms. Small weddings can often mean a shorter day, less cost and more flexibility, and this can be perfect for the couple that doesn’t like the spotlight and has financial and other considerations. From the small weddings I have photographed I have found that smaller numbers don’t take away from the specialness of the day. Rather it becomes very personal with the focus on the vows and ceremony, rather than the party and all the exciting hoopla a larger wedding might host.  Or you could take it one step further and consider eloping!

Marry now, party later

Your decision to have a small wedding could be a budget thing, or maybe you just want to keep it nice and intimate. By marrying now and partying later you can have the choice of spreading the fun over weeks, months or even a year which can be hugely appealing as you can structure out any potential stress that might come with planning a huge wedding day. 

Same sex wedding

Why have a photographer for a smaller wedding?

Having photos taken at a smaller wedding is no different from a larger wedding. They will not only become a special set of wedding photographs you will treasure but you can also show them to friends and family who weren’t able to attend so they can see how happy you were and how spectacular the day was. 

A smaller wedding may also, but not always, mean a shorter day due to no evening entertainment.  Why not embrace this as an opportunity you wouldn’t have had at a large, longer wedding day. Talk to your wedding photographer and see what else they suggest you can do to best use the time, so they can create exciting and very special photographs. 

It could be you and your partner choose to get ready together or have a first look. A ‘first look’ is when you surprise each other in your wedding attire before the ceremony. One person standing with their back to the other, they turn around and rejoice in seeing each other looking magnificent! This makes for a really beautiful moment for you but also emotional, natural and special photographs. Or you could opt for more couple shots together once your guests have left, making for some more fun and varied photographs without the pressure of having to return to the party. 

Whatever happens, your wedding should be all about you and exactly as you like it.  A small wedding is yet another way to marry. It might not be for everyone but those that do opt for it find it equally wonderful and special.