Have you ever considered the importance of professional photography in business? It's surprising to learn that some companies underestimate the value of hiring a professional photographer for their marketing needs. With this in mind, I wanted to explore the reasons why large companies should invest in professional photography and the significant advantages it can offer their business.

In the world of smartphones, it can be tempting for companies to try and take their own photographs for social media and advertising campaigns. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs I can understand why professional photography may not seem necessary but believe me when I say it absolutely is!

Let me explain why…

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Delegating Tasks

Firstly, if you're not experienced with a camera it's always best to delegate. Just as businesses would hire an expert for their legal or financial needs, they should also seek out professional photographers for their marketing goals. Not only does this free up time for businesses to focus on other tasks, but it also ensures that the images produced are of high quality and suitable to be used to market their business. 

Small Investment, Long-Term Gain

It is important to remember that professional photography is a small investment for long-term gain! Investing in high-quality images will help a business stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on its audience. 

Always using professional photography for your social media is key
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Leave It To The Professionals

When a business hires a professional photographer, they are paying for their skills and experience. While professional equipment can certainly enhance the look of branding images, the value goes beyond their gear!

They’re investing in the person behind the camera. A professional photographer has the ability to create images that match a business's brand and vision which is incredibly important. They know how to pose, use light, make clients feel relaxed in front of the camera and compose an image to make it really stand out. Trust me when I say it is much more than just pressing a button. Brand and event photographers are experts in what they do. They are skilled professionals who focus on the client's brief and work relentlessly to achieve the desired outcome.

No Regrets

Photographing in-house by someone who is not familiar with taking photographs is very often something that companies regret later down the line! It may seem like a cost-effective option in the short term, but in the long run, the images produced are often not the best quality. This can result in a loss of time and money as the business has to start from scratch which is the last thing we want. 

A headshot taken by a professional photographer
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Professional Equipment

Companies are not only investing in the expertise of the photographer but are also buying the use of their professional equipment. While modern-day smartphone cameras have improved significantly, they still cannot match the quality of a professional camera!

Professional cameras cost thousands of pounds for a reason; they are designed to produce high-quality images that are suitable for advertising and social media campaigns.

While it may be tempting for large companies to take their own photographs for social media and advertising campaigns, investing in professional photography is absolutely worth the cost!

Invest and don’t regret it - it really is that simple!

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