Professional Headshots for business

Are professional headshots for business so important? They can be your client's first impression and are an essential tool for any business, big or small!

Having an up-to-date, professional headshot for your business can be incredibly beneficial, from introducing yourself and your team to potential customers and partners to creating a strong, unified brand image.

Business headshot of Norwich dance teacher

Rosie Watts, Dance Teacher

Quality Professional Headshots are the best way to portray the image of your company and employees

Professional headshots are the perfect way to introduce your team. With a professional collection of headshots, you are able to reflect the quality of work and services your company produces.

Professional Headshots give a great first impression!

We don't realise it but subconsciously we make judgements on websites and images all the time.

This is precisely why investing in professional headshots is so important! We are all guilty of looking through a website and making subtle judgments about what we see. We are drawn to the imagery first before moving on to reading the text.

If the quality of the photo doesn't match your brand your clients will pick up on it! Don't forget - first impressions are everything in business!

Tatum Reid, Photographer

Build trust among clients

Your website and social media are windows to your business that allow prospective customers to get a glimpse into your business, team and the services you offer.

It's through these platforms that the relationship with your customers starts, so everything they see should positively shape their opinion of you.

This is your one shot to impress potential customers so make sure your headshots are up to date!

Reinforce values

Headshots are all about the impression you want to give to your potential clients. How do you want to portray your business? It can be anything from friendly and warm to serious and smart. It is completely up to you - we can discuss the tone you want to give in your images and work to insure we capture that for you!

Take some time to think about your business values and how your headshots reflect that.

Professional studio LinkedIn headshot for businesses
BID Norwich

Need a set of consistent Professional Headshots?  

It is time to ditch the poor-quality staff headshots taken on a mobile phone and invest in some high-quality professional headshots that reflect your brand and speak to your customers.

Taking your staff photos against the same background, by the same person with a similar feeling will ensure your photos look consistent, professional and within the brand. 

I'm hoping I have managed to convince you of the importance of professional headshots for business. It is 2023 and it is time for an update!

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