Since becoming a mum, I’ve noticed that getting a decent family photo is a lot harder than it looks. First of all, someone needs to be operating the camera and in my family it’s normally me. I’ve attempted timer photos but with younger children, you need more than one try. Does this sound familiar?

I’ve also realised that children don’t respond to parents’ instructions. They’re only interested in pulling a silly face. “I just want a nice photo!” you’ll hear me shout!

If we can get all these elements in place, we have a chance at the holy grail, a truly nice family photo.

extended family group photograph

That’s where you might need the help of a professional photographer. I’ve found that kids tend to respond better to someone with a fancy camera than to their mum and dad. They’re much more up for taking a ‘nice’ family photo. My job is to make it fun, think of silly ideas to get those all-important giggles, there’s no need for silly faces.

group family photograph in Norfolk

A lot of people actually own a pretty good DSLR camera, but it can often sit in a bag under the stairs. So it can be all too easy to only take quick snaps on your camera phone. I have to admit, the technology is pretty advanced these days, you can add a nice filter on instagram or use portrait mode on your iPhone but in truth, nothing beats a professional photographer composing the images, the professional cameras they own, the rallying of your family and the editing that goes on behind the scenes.

A family shoot is much more than an afternoon taking photos. I speak to the parents in advance, find out about the kids and their personality, what they should wear and some fun activities they could do, something that we know the children would enjoy.

Choosing the correct time of day is also an important thing to consider, particularly young children. Working around naps and food, making sure those energy levels are high, we want them to turn up ready to perform!

group family photograph in Norfolk
Mum, dad and daughter playing together at home

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