As a business owner myself, I know the value of having a stock of professional brand photographs to pull from. Whether for my website, newsletters or social media it's the photographs clients and prospective clients see first. Photographs can be used in a number of ways to support your business. Here are just a few reasons how to use professional photography to elevate your business.

Norfolk Personal Brand Photographer
Masion Lisette

Post a photograph of yourself

Customers want to see the face behind the brand. You will find that visitors who come to your website or social media pages are much more likely to stick around and become interested when they are greeted with a friendly face and are able to get a feel for the brand’s personality. 

You are 3x more likely to get likes and interactions if you are present and show yourself on social media! 

Why is a variety of brand photographs is important 

Having a wide variety of images allows you to consistently refresh your content. When investing in brand photography I recommend a shoot with multiple locations and outfit changes. 

The more looks I can photograph you looking fabulous in the more content you have to work with. It allows you to share a variety of brand photographs without having to invest in a new shoot every month as we can make one shoot look like multiple different days. 

Norfolk artist at work. Local artists brand photograph

You are the business! Shout about it! 

Yes - you heard me right! Shout about it. Be proud of your business and everything you have achieved. Don’t shy away but be bold and proud about sharing the face behind this fantastic business. Brand photography helps to sell the message of who is behind the brand and that is exactly what customers are drawn to. 

This is your brand so you can present it any way you want to! So, show your clients your personality and energy and most importantly - why you stand out against your competitors! 

Brand photographs speak louder than words! 

Did you know that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text? (Source)

The reason for this is that images tell you a story instantly. Through your brand photography, you can portray any message you’d like to. We can tell a story through the surrounding environment, the props we use to the poses we decide on. 

It is said you and your business have 7 seconds to make an impression (yes, only 7 seconds - so let’s make them count!). 

This is precisely why brand photography is vital for marketing and promoting your business successfully. Images taken on a smartphone without storytelling or professionalism are much more likely to put customers off. Whereas brand photographs that are professional, high-quality and tell your customers instantly who you are will keep them interested. 

Invest in your business

Brand photography is one of the best ways to show your clients and future customers that you are a business to be taken seriously. Show them the quality of your brand through professional and authentic brand photographs. 

If you want people to invest in you then you must invest in your business and present yourself in the best way possible!

My books are open for 2024 and I still have space this year so contact me and let’s make this happen! 

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