Business headshost is always something I like to do. I get to visit a variety of interesting businesses and find out all about them. I was asked to visit ESB Energy who deliver the worlds first large-scale heat pump to the largest Green Houses in the UK, to take their project engineer's headshots, in and around their factory, reservoir and greenhouse.

I love how my business headshots takes me all around the country. I get to see behind the scene and meet people I may never normal meet. One of the huge parts of why I love what I do! 

ESB Energy provide low-carbon heat solution for a world-first greenhouse project in the UK. My brief for this photography commission was to photograph professional headshots of the team involved in overseeing and engineering one of the largest green houses, built to house the worlds largest scale heat pump in the UK. 

Helping a business create images that truly show off their product and the team behind it is super satisfying. 

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