Hello and happy new year! I've had several new followers over the last couple of months and so I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and say hi! 

I take beautiful, colourful, joyful photos! It's the interactions with people I photograph and the moments I get to share, that give me the greatest pleasure. I have the best job!

My business isn't just about taking gorgeous photos, it's about making the people being photographed feel relaxed and comfortable having their photo taken and making it a pleasurable experience. 

I know, it's so strange having a camera pointed in your face, but I strongly believe that with the right person taking the photo you will no longer feel self-conscious and actually end up enjoying it.

I love the golden hour, playing with shadows and light and colour. A big part of my job is looking for the perfect location for a photograph, the cute doorway, an amazing stairwell, the floor tiles that you’d never spotted before. 

But more importantly than location is emotion! This is what I value above everything, capturing the energy and love and putting it into a frame.

When it came to wedding and, later, family photography, it was the people who drew me into it. My friends all started to get married and have children and, well, I end up being the one behind the lens! 

Now I have a child myself I particularly see and value the importance of having photos to mark moments and milestones in time.

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